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(Oct, 1, 2023) J. Josephson is proud to add two new patterns to the P3TEC family, Beach Grass and South Beach Silk.


Beach Grass


South Beach Silk

Connect to nature inside through Beach Grass with its large grass-like entwined pattern infused with coastal elements that encourage a sense of relaxation. The grass-like design mimics the lush vegetation in tropical landscapes or the gentle sway of beach grass along the coast. Beach Grass evokes a sense of repose and natural beauty by creating a charming, thatched effect, adding depth and visual delight to any space.

South Beach Silk embodies the luxurious and youthful energy of Miami's South Beach. With its predominantly sandy neutral palette, delicate color variations, and airy texture, this collection captures the breezy summer spirit while maintaining a sense of sophistication and timeless appeal. South Beach Silk aims to bring a touch of this local décor inspiration to a broader audience, allowing people to infuse their spaces with the soul of South Beach and the allure of silk.

(May 1, 2023) J. Josephson is proud to add two new patterns to the P3TEC family, Hardwood and Madagascan Straw.




Madagascan Straw

Design trends may come and go, but décor featuring wood will always be timeless. Modernized with more warmth and personality, Hardwood comes in 16 different colorways varying from our Whitewash to our Blackwash and everything in between. Known as a biophilic design, Hardwood can be restorative and connect you to nature. With the authentic look and feel of natural wood grain, there is no end to the installation opportunities you can achieve with Hardwood performance wall protection.

Madagascan Straw weaves palm stalks into the perfect blend of natural texture and intense performance. Richly layered and subtle variations offer an authentic appearance. Gradations of dried palm fronds tinted with color washes hone nature's palette into a complete color story with a soothing appeal.

(Oct 1, 2022) J. Josephson is proud to add two new patterns to the P3TEC family. Exhale and River Reed, adding 25 color choices to the collection.




River Reed

Breath in, breath out, allow yourself the luxury to stop and Exhale. Exhale exhibits the calming movement of water and airflow through softly intermixed colors, a visual expression of relaxation. This gorgeous design's gentle yet, engaging fluidity offers a soothing influence and will create the perfect comforting atmosphere. Colorways like Baby's Breath, Sea Breeze, and Serene Green personify that breath of fresh air that is Exhale.

Named for the grasses that grow at the water's edge, River Reed lets you wade right into this organic grasscloth. The open and airy texture offers the right balance of crisp pattern and layered organic dimension. Beautiful neutrals have a sophisticated personality; light and lively shades deliver an uplifting spirit and provide perfect healthcare solutions.

(Jan 15, 2021) J. Josephson is proud to add two new patterns to the P3TEC family. Cement and Sahara Stone, adding 16 color choices to the collection.



P3T-60315, P3T-60316

Sahara Stone

The organic composition of Cement offers just what you're anticipating, a gorgeous softly weathered stone effect. The cloud-like movement and delicate surface texture create a pattern in harmony with nature. Offered in eight natural stone colors, let Cement bring a bit of calm to your space.

Sahara Stone blends the look of natural rock with distinctive linear details. See the craftsman's hand at work through their tool marks as they chisel and scrape out this dynamic layered design. This large-scale pattern balances its dramatic nature through subtle coloration; the eight natural colorways coordinate with Sahara Silk.

(June 14, 2021) Hands on P3TEC training and certification in Philadelphia.

The two-day training program gave insights into the manufacturing of P3TEC, the inherent benefits of the materials' characteristics, experience doing a hands-on installation, and participants walked away with a certificate for completing the training. A win-win opportunity for everyone who was involved. Thank you to Momentum, IUPAT (The International Union of Painters and Allied Trades), and DC 21.

(March 21, 2021) J. Josephson is proud to add two new patterns to the P3TEC family. Alpine and Balance, adding 35 color choices to the collection.





Inspired to create the simplicity and softness of smooth sanded wood, Alpine offers the elegance of a refined wood grain in wall protection.

Balance draws you in by calming repetition of scale, while the slight irregularities of the marks create interest, warmth, and a relationship with the hand that crafted it.

(December 15, 2020) J. Josephson introduces two new patterns, Bevel and Coastal Grass, bringing 34 color choices to the collection.




Coastal Grass

Bevel's coarse texture and subtle contract gives depth to your walls, propelling your urge to reach out and touch them.

Natural grass cloths have been woven for centuries; this perennial material gets a durable spin in Coastal Grass.

(November 1, 2019) A year after the dynamic debut of P3TEC / advanced wall protection, J. Josephson is delighted to announce the addition of two new standard patterns, Dimension and Infinity, bringing 51 fresh color choices to the collection.





Dimension introduces an architectural vertical texture to wall protection, across a deep range of 21 colors. With the look of raw, bi-directional linen, Infinity's classic design complements any interior space, with 30 colors to choose from.

With hundreds of installations in healthcare, food service, transportation, retail, education, and other commercial environments, P3TEC is protecting against the unexpected in high-traffic, high-abuse areas, providing superior impact, chemical and abrasion resistance.

Be sure to visit P3TEC.com to see the full collection, plus installation and performance photos/videos. P3TEC is distributed exclusively in the US by Momentum Textiles & Wallcovering.

(South Hackensack, NJ, June 21, 2018) Transform your high-traffic interiors with the next generation of wall protection, P3TEC. Its technical innovation debuts in a beautiful collection, with three key advantages: exceptional performance, easy to install and handle, and compelling design.

Create a full-height, seamless installation with the textured look of natural wovens, while enjoying superior protection against impact, chemicals and abrasion. The P3TEC collection brings you nine patterns and 148 color choices, perfect for dressing up your toughest interiors, including food service areas, medical facilities with extreme cleaning needs, cart-laden corridors, transportation hubs, and other high-traffic public and back-of-house spaces.

P3TEC ships in 15-yd boxed rolls, trims easily around permanent wall fixtures, and installs with wallcovering adhesive at 48" widths, retaining its strippability feature, which preserves your wall for future installations. For more details, visit P3TECwall.com and find your exclusive distributor. Start transforming your walls today.

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